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"The Wave" by Leah Chelius, Illustrated by Lonnie Feather 2009

I was delighted to work side by side with my sister on a children's book. She wrote the story and I am proud to say that I illustrated it. It's a delightful and captivating story about a wave and the illustrations are colorfully rendered and exquisitely lovely. "That an artist could successfully convey life and personality to a young ocean wave is truly astonishing to us, but she did it and it worked beautifully." Longfeather Book Design

These are my drawings and not the complete book. So, please, order one....it really is a delight for ALL ages!

This book is available at Amazon.com or you can order it directly through me for $12.95 per book plus shipping. Lonnie Feather Studio, 1415 S.E. Tacoma Street, Portland, OR 97202

503-234-6642 lfeather@LonnieFeather.com

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