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Metro Headquarters Building, Portland, OR 1993

"Affect/Effect" The series of thirty glass panels are the echo of voices, the voices of people in the communities and neighborhoods of our city. The images ask questions and, hopefully, reflect a dialogue. It is about people, about those who, with great sacrifices, are influencing the quality of life in our counties, and about the government employees whose actions impact our existence. Through a series of interviews and conversations with Metro employees, not-for-profit organizations, and individuals working at grass-roots levels, these pieces talk about the preservation of liveability in our region, the boundaries of growth, the resources such as water, forests and wildlife that we must serve to protect, and the willingness to look forward. Other panels speak of the realities of city life, the hardships of the poor and ill, the unemployed, violence in our streets and homes. But the final two panels, "Raising Hope" reminds us that we are not in isolation from other people around the world, and that our young people are being raised with open understanding, and in "10,000 Years", the Native Americans of our region have survived, flourished and established a complex and rich culture. Their message is one of hope and enrichment.

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