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Lonnie Feather works and lives in Portland, Oregon, and has exhibited her art and completed commissions since 1982. She received her degree from Portland State University with Honors in 1987 and was recognized with the Corning Award as Outstanding Student while studying at the internationally renowned Pilchuck Glass School. She has studied glass techniques with Mary Ann "Toots" Zynsky, Susan Stinsmuehlen, and Paul Marioni at Pilchuck.

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I vividly recall my early years as an artist -- the questions, soul-searching and relentless practicing of theories and techniques. As I matured it was important to blend my aesthetic nature and creative urges with a meaning and purpose, to bring a thought to mind or expose an emotion. And with this I knew that I wanted my art to be a part of the landscape or the function of a building and to bring diverse participants to the design process and the studio.

I am aware that art can succeed as a simple acknowledgement of beauty. As a tool of communication, it can inspire awareness and a willingness to venture into territory that moves me, and to action based on that passion. Increasingly my artistic energies and life focus have been centered on the phenomena of our physical world -- nature, the environment and the human spiritual connection to life. Our deep humanity and the secrets and wonders of the microcosm and macrocosm of our universe inspire my art and move me to find the words and images that connect us.

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